Cocktail Recipes

Freezer Door Martini Recipe

By Scarlett Giesbrecht

🍸 Who doesn’t love having a cocktail ready to pour at any given moment?

The Freezer Door Recipe is a simple recipe that can be tweaked to how ever you see fit:

Pour out 6oz from a bottle of Vodka or Gin (750ml)
(You don’t have to throw away the booze, silly! Save it for another drink.)
Next! grab a funnel and a measuring cup
Add 4 oz of Dry Vermouth
Add 2 oz of Olive 🫒 Brine
Add 2 oz of Water
After all ingredients are added into the bottle, give it a good shake. Put the bottle in your freezer and let that baby chill. Enjoy this silky martini🍸 perfect for a party, or just after a long day! ***disclaimer*** all ingredients can be adjusted to your liking! Do you!

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