Hi-Lo was born to amp up the daily celebration.

We loooove the neighborhood, and getting to really know our neighbors by being people first, and carrying a simple mission: to help bring more good fun to the daily celebration, big or small.

We created Hi-Lo to be an inclusive spot for everyone who comes in, with all kinds of price points, from daily drinkers, to top-shelf liquid glory.  We’re here to help you get your cheers right, your IPA fresh, and up your Wednesday night wine situation to new levels.  If you got it at Hi-Lo, it’s gotta be good.

We believe that every neighborhood deserves a light and bright, approachable, and highly curated liquor market, with knowledgeable staff that are friendly and passionate about what our producer partners and crafting.  And fresh organic market staples and snacks to go alongside the craft beer, wines, and spirits.  Hi-Lo was born to bring an authentically neighborhood-based experience with a focus on delivering good times, and for every person that stops by, something positively surprising and delightful.

Look for a Hi-Lo coming soon to your ‘hood!

What we believe

Inclusiveness in all ways is important, and a core value of Hi-Lo. For the Hi-Lo team to meet it's mission of connecting with people, and being able to show them something awesome for their moment, we need to be able have diversity in our team, and range in our price points. We value everyone who walks in our doors.

  • 1.

    We Strive for Expertise

    We’ve done our homework on our products to find the right pairing for any moment. We taste product to make sure we dig it, so we can recommend it, and we stay in the know of what's coming out when. We can look you in the eye and know we’re guiding you to a great add for your situation. If you got it at Hi-Lo, you'll know it's good.

  • 2.

    Trust Each Other

    We earn the trust of each other, our customers, and our vendors by staying true to our word and fulfilling our commitments. We provide feedback and support each other through success and failings. We want you to trust us, because we always are working to earn it, and keep it. And we'll always make it right.

  • 3.

    Make Real Connections

    We create authentic community with our team, customers & neighbors, and our supplier partners through open, honest, and generous communication. We are people first, and we don't have selling on our list of things to do. We seek to know you, then help you get something fantastic and unique that will lift up the moment because of that.

Say hey.

Whatever you think, we'd love to hear it, even if it's just to say you miss us, or if you need something that's a bit out in left field (we're here to help). Send us a general inquiry here, and we'll get right back to you.