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Vodka, as simple as you want it.

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Simple as it may be, there are few things as obtain-ably decadent as a freezer chilled splash of vodka after a long day and if you aren’t on board yet with that (no problem, take your time), pop a bottle of AMASS Vodka in your freezer and see for yourself. We think you’ll see this is one situation that is not fake news.

A fairly straightforward method of production, vodka can be made from a wide range of fermented bases, such as honey or fruits, but most commonly it’s made from cereal grain, wheat or potatoes. Occasionally it’s made from seemingly very weird stuff that you would probably never associate with Vodka, or even spirits for that matter, like rice or quinoa, or cow’s milk, or coconut water. And you know what? Some are pretty damn good. One in particular, and technically it’s a lambanog, is a once-distilled coconut water “vodka” that tastes like all those flavored vodka’s should: fresh and authentic. Just like us.

An ideal foundation in which mixologists can build toweringly tasty creations, it can also offer such a simply perfect cocktail in the Vodka Tonic, which we love in the right combinations of botanical Vodka (it’s a thing now, but still is not gin) and tonic, or with a more straight-forward vodka and an array of tonics with flavors that carry perfectly well with Vodka.

In “real” cocktails, vodka is most widely known for Moscow Mules and Cosmopolitans. Vodka is also very conducive to infusions, for instance, St. George distillery makes an excellent green chili vodka that is unbeatable in everyone’s favorite Sunday brunch companion the Bloody Mary, or if you want to dress it up a bit and go bolder, check out the Hi-Lo version: the Hellish Mary.

Vodka for sipping, and vodka for cocktails, we know what's what.

Check out the Bloody Mary, or the Hi-Lo take on it, the Hellish Mary.

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