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Bourbon: a real American spirit.

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Bourbon is the representative spirit for the United States, and the whiskey you’re most likely to find in your glass when you order a cocktail.

Although it’s so strongly associated with the American south, bourbon is made throughout the fifty states and garners its moniker as long as it’s made from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred barrels.

Some notable names in the Kentucky bourbon business include Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace and Willett Distillery, while some great examples of non-Kentucky Bourbon are Redwood Empire (California), Widow Jane (New York) and High West (Utah).

King's County: one of our favorite lesser-known Bourbon distilleries.

The base for some of the worlds best cocktails, bourbon is the headliner in an Old Fashioned, a Boulevardier and a Mint Julep, however, we recommend giving The Confirmed Bachelor a spin if you really want to see the versatility of this world-class libation.

Check out the classic Old Fashioned recipe, or the super simple Hi-Lo take on it, the Black Walnut Old Fashioned.

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