What is Nouveau Day?

Each year on the third Thursday of November, a wine style called Beaujolais Nouveau hits the
shelves worldwide. This marks Beaujolais Nouveau Day, a celebration of this wine, its release,
and its region. It also happens to be our Wine & Spirits Buyer Mike’s favorite holiday!

What, uh, what’s a Beaujolais again?

Beaujolais is a wine region tucked in the Burgundy region in the French alps. They are known for popularizing a method of winemaking called “Carbonic Maceration” which is a winemaking
process that takes place during fermentation to produce fresh, fruit-forward, low-tannin wines.
Carbonic maceration uses whole clusters of grapes in a sealed, carbon dioxide-filled tank to
start fermentation within each grape.

So wait, what’s Beaujolais Nouveau…?

They are the new wines from the most recent harvest, bottled and sold anywhere from three
weeks to three months after grapes are plucked from the vine. Beaujolais Nouveau, made from
the Gamay grape and vinified using whole-cluster carbonic maceration is a centuries long
tradition started to celebrate the end of harvest and, essentially, kick off the holiday season.
Beaujolais Nouveau wines CANNOT be sold before Nouveau Day, however, the same cannot
be said about their American counterparts…

In the past decade or so American winemakers have decided to get in on the Nouveau Day fun
as well, making nouveau-style wines using a myriad of vinification techniques and grape
varieties. Ideal selections for any and all holiday fare, nouveau wines are meant to be drunk in high volume and in good spirits.

Count me in! How can I celebrate Nouveau Day?

Come hang with us at The Counter in Culver City or Long Beach this Thursday, November 17th from 4-9pm as we celebrate Nouveau Day with a very special flight of Nouveau wines! You can also grab some of our favorite Nouveau wines from this season to make them the star of your Thanksgiving and Holiday feasts. Our Nouveau wines are now available at all locations and available online for pick-up and local delivery!

2022 Las Jaras Slipper Sippers Nouveau

Made from a blend of carbonically macerated old vine Valdiguié and co-fermented Petite Sirah and Zinfandel, this year’s Slipper Sippers from Las Jaras in undeniably DELICIOUS. It’s packed with a ton of red and blue fruit – think red plum, blueberry, boysenberry and pomegranate. This wine is fresh, lively, and super crushable. You’ll definitely be coming back for more. And to top it off, its zippy acidity really makes it compatible with all your holiday dishes!

Broc Cellars 2022 Nouveau

Broc Cellar’s 2022 Nouveau is a gorgeous blend of white, rosé and red. The wine is made of 50% Valdiguié, 25% Orange Muscat and a blend of mixed varieties all brought in and pressed during Harvest. It has an abundance of fresh, bright red fruit with notes of cranberry and tart cherry. This wine is electric and vibrant with a mouth-watering acidity and freshness that pairs perfectly with food.

Angeleno Wine Co. Nouveau 2022

This lovely Nouveau wine from downtown LA’s Angeleno Wine Co. is 100% Tempranillo sourced from the Agua Dulce region in Los Angeles County. This wine is fruity, fresh and meant for easy-drinking. It has prominent notes of cherry, cocoa and coffee with an underlying herbal note. On the palate, it has a softer acidity, giving it a lush, smooth mouthfeel.

Scribe Nouveau of Pinot Noir 2022

Based in Sonoma, CA, Scribe Winery has created a fresh and lively Nouveau wine made purely of Pinot Noir. This wine was made entirely through the carbonic maceration method, which has resulted in gulpable, fruit-driven juice. It has notes of fresh plum, orange peel, and wild mint. This glou glou wine is soft, smooth, supple and very approachable for wine lovers and novices alike!

Whether you got a new job, your friend or your fam, you need to celebrate that! There’s a lot involved in getting to a new gig, but finding the right bubbles is pretty simple. Here’s our suggestion.

Watch it right now on YouTube!

With the longest legacy in American whiskey distillation, rye is the spicier and edgier brother to Bourbon, sharing a similar distillation process but replacing 51% corn with 51% rye grain. Typically preferred the by the seasoned whiskey drinker due to its peppery taste and lingering, smoldering essence of grain and fruit. No self respecting bar is complete without a good bottle of rye like Old Overholt, one of America’s oldest whiskey brands or Sazerac, arguably the premier representation of the style. In fact, if you were to wonder into a bar and ask for a rye cocktail, odds are the bartender would sling you a cocktail called The Sazerac while whistling some New Orleans jazz. We’d also recommend giving The Scofflaw a whirl if you want to see rye truly shine. 

If you have a broad palate and can’t decide between bourbon and rye, rest assured, there is a whiskey for you and it comes with a whole host of tasty opportunity: blended whiskey! Precisely what the name implies, blended whiskey’s are mix different levels of rye, bourbon and often times neutral grain spirits with other flavoring. More malleable and conducive to honing in specific flavors in terms of taste or for cocktails, blends embody no limit but the sky when it comes to versatility and creativity. To understand what we mean, we recommend giving Redwood Empire Lost Monarch a taste, first “straight up” to experience the intricacies of its remarkable taste, and then find yourself some sweet vermouth, bitters and cherries to whip up a Manhattan!

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The “fresh” spirit whose fragrances alone are as enticing as a forest in bloom and whose history is rooted in medieval herbal alchemy. Derived from grain and juniper berries, Gin is one of the most playful and singular to the distiller spirits around due to the freedom to select and utilize virtually limitless combinations of herbs, botanicals and even fruit! For a very long time, it has been, almost uniquely, a British classic, with full stores dedicated to the spirit, in a dizzying array of botanical styles.

Every label of gin is a unique expression of the distiller and the region in which they’re working in or sourcing their ingredients from. The classic “London Dry” gin is still a favorite, but several “New American” distillers and gin styles have been created in an ode to the wonderful expressions of botanicals that are local to California and other regions with excellent horticulture. The list of cocktails that use gin as their base is inexhaustible and contains some of the most popular concoctions on the planet such as the Negroni or the Gin Martini.

With so many classic cocktails to its name, we’d recommend trying something a bit more playful, for example, the Young Martinez

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