Bourbon is the representative spirit for the United States, and the whiskey you’re most likely to find in your glass when you order a cocktail.

Although it’s so strongly associated with the American south, bourbon is made throughout the fifty states and garners its moniker as long as it’s made from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred barrels.

Some notable names in the Kentucky bourbon business include Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace and Willett Distillery, while some great examples of non-Kentucky Bourbon are Redwood Empire (California), Widow Jane (New York) and High West (Utah).

The base for some of the worlds best cocktails, bourbon is the headliner in an Old Fashioned, a Boulevardier and a Mint Julep, however, we recommend giving The Confirmed Bachelor a spin if you really want to see the versatility of this world-class libation.

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