Tequila, the multifaceted and delicious distillate of blue agave, is a spirit who’s vast history can be traced back to 1000 B.C and also serves as the spirit that absolutely everyone has had “that one night with…” at some point in their life. We probably all started off on the wrong foot: cheap, acrid tequila can really turn people off, and honestly for good reasons! But avoiding Tequila entirely because of a bad start one sordid evening long ago robs you of the amazing productions that are occurring by dedicated artisans that understand the beauty of the agave plant that can be extracted and enhanced, with the right amount of care for the splendid juice that goes behind a label.

Although agave can be grown in various regions, its distillate can only be called Tequila if it’s from the central western Mexican city Jalisco, which is about 500 miles south of Laredo, TX. Tequila comes in 3 forms: Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. These all refer to the amount of time the juice spends in barrel; the longer the time, the darker the color and softer the taste. Some Tequila is referred to as “extra anejo” if it’s aged significantly longer than the minimum time to meet the standard for an anejo, but doesn’t specify an exact age.

Tequila is a favorite amongst bartenders and mixologist for its innumerable cocktail possibilities and its ability to “liven things up”! For a tried and true tequila cocktail, the Margarita is and always will be a fan favorite, however, if you’re feeling feisty, we’d recommend giving The Tequila Daisy a whirl and see what happens. 

Check out our Margarita recipe below: